Professional Services

 Offered by Jacki Holmes


I have in depth experience in Operations, Software and IT and have provided senior level consulting services to some of the largest most technology advanced companies including those with advance web presences across many industries during my career.

Additionally, I have worked for and with some of the largest software companies in the United States including RightNow Technologies, Siebel Systems, Oracle, and many other solution providers to deliver both software and operational consulting in various industries.

With years of experience, my attention to detail and a fully equipped office I can offer one on one professional services to assist any size business in any of the following areas for much less than the boutique and large consulting houses:


 Basic Website Development

Improving Your Web Presence - Site Validation

Customer Relationship Management- CRM

Customer Service - Customer Support

Knowledge and Content Management

Web Self Service

Sales Force Automation - SFA

Project Management



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