Building My Website

Jacki Holmes


Why do I need a website?

The internet is the fastest growing new consumer medium in history. You cannot afford to ignore the potential of the web for twenty four hour customer interaction not to mention the advertising and marketing aspects of a web presence. Having a web site is like having a salesperson who never sleeps and is there to help people find you and the product and services you offer not to mention showcasing your work and providing authenticity for your company..

What a website can do for you  

  • Target the web consumer

Do you realize many people never look in a phone book today they simply use Google or another search engine to find the service or product they want right in your service area?

  • Sell services or product direct

  • Increase product awareness

  • Communicate with customers and business partners

  • Generate quality leads

  • Improve customer service

  • Gather customer feedback

  • Decrease cost (Sales, support, marketing, and even training)


That sounds like a lot of work and expense before I get value!

That is exactly why I recommend beginning with a basic website.  A basic web site will be the first stop on your path to accomplish these goals. Like any other worthwhile project for your business you should not try to launch a web presence including each and every possible activity you will do with the final product (referred to as boiling the ocean) instead, you should choose the basic functions you or your customers need TODAY.

A typical basic level starter site should include only the most critical information and or processes that support your business. Once you have established your initial web presence you will be able to determine what works for both you and your customers and you will then be able to determine what improvements or new technology are necessary without spending your time and money for anything that proves to be unneeded for your success.


I agree let's get started

If you agree with my approach I can provide you with a basic web package for a nominal fee that will launch your web presence without costing thousands.

Example Starter Pages:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services/Products
  • Sign Up (Newsletter, Mailing List, etc..)
  • Request a Bid/Estimate/Contact
  • Gallery (Visual Images of your work in a photo album on the web)
  • Testimonials (Customer Letters or Comments about you)
  • Contact Us
  • Shopping Cart

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